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BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton to win Puerto Rico primary

June 1, 2008 | 12:31 pm

CNN has just called the Puerto Rico primary for Hillary Clinton, which must be a bittersweet (though anticipated) victory for her just a day after the Democratic National Committee's rules folks shut off one of her few remaining hopes to rack up delegates.

The Puerto Rico primary is an odd duck -- the votes count for sending delegates to the Democratic National Convention, but the territory does not have a voice in the electoral college vote in the November election.  So her argument that she can win in crucial swing states doesn't get any oomph with Saturday's vote.

Next up: Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday, which seem to be poised to break for Obama.  So what does that mean?  Look for a flood of uncommitted SuperDs to hop off the fence Tuesday night or Wednesday.  And at that point, Clinton will have all the data she needs to figure out whether she can squeak through or decide for the sake of the party to read the handwriting on the wall.  Or she can follow the "third way" and fan the flames of the intraparty passions, though it's hard to see that would gain her anything except enmity.

So what do you figure Wednesday's story line will be?  Clinton upsets the political table?  Superdelegates give Obama the nomination?  Clinton vows a floor fight?  Gotta love the drama.

-- Scott Martelle