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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton take their show on the road

June 20, 2008 |  7:29 am

Well, in case you were wondering exactly how much of a sport Hillary Clinton would be after losing the Democratic nomination  to that young upstart from Illinois, the answer's in. Mostly, anyway.
Barack Obama announced a little bit ago that he and Clinton would campaign together next Friday. No details were offered, such as where this might happen, for how long, whether it will be multiple events and days or just a quick bow-and-curtsy and off the stage. Or, for that matter, whether they plan free events or fundraisers.

Obama has already been making a hard push for Clinton's supporters, including a targeted appeal on his campaign website. And he's got his people working on some of her big donors, hoping to merge what became two massive fundraising juggernauts during the primary-and-caucus season into a general election behemoth (we envision a massive ATM in the shape of the lower 48).

And it's pretty remarkable that a campaign that rarely knows what it's doing three days in the future can schedule something a week in advance, even without details. Could it be that Obama's handlers are trying to shift the attention away from something less positive?

-- Scott Martelle