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The Ticket figured, who cares about the Bush wedding? Sorry. Here's the real brief version.

May 12, 2008 |  7:24 pm

OK, we admit it. We didn't blog on the private Bush wedding Saturday night, thinking it wasn't really politics. Not being invited, we took the evening off. Shoot us.

Although, yes, the ceremony certainly did unite two prominent Republican families from Texas and Virginia.

So here, to answer all loyal Ticket reader questions, is the Monday nuptial stat box for the record:

  • Jenna Bush did marry Henry Hager, who used to work for Karl Rove. Right at sunset. On the Bush family ranch near Crawford.
  • She became the 22nd child in U.S. history to marry with a father in the presidential office.
  • The bride had some kind of white dress on designed by a Dominican guy. Henry wore a dark suit. Jenna's sister, Barbara, had a whole lot of flowers on her head.
  • The minister, the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Houston's Windsor Village United Methodist Church, is said to favor Barack Obama as the next White House resident.
  • Big private deal. No video released. It was hot.
  • No sandstorms or thunderstorms. Everyone was happy. They ate.
  • They also danced. "You Are So Beautiful" was the presidential fathThe newlyweds Jenna and Henry Hager prepare to cut a cake at their wedding on the Bush ranch Saturday night which we're late blogging on because it wasn't really political and not being invited we took the evening offer-first daughter dance.
  • The free Pizza Hut offer was not accepted.
  • The first President Bush spoke but made no promises about new taxes.
  • Here's one photo. There's a whole bunch more in a special photo gallery clickable here. The White House posted a few other photos here.
  • The couple is now honeymooning at a Super 8 right outside Odessa, Texas. Just kidding. Rumor is they've gone to Europe. No paparazzi over there. Ask any celebrity.
  • The newlyweds will live in Baltimore's Federal Hill section, where Henry will work for an energy company and Jenna will return to teaching.

OK? Happy now? Enough society news. Back to the real action.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo Credit: White House photo