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Clinton. Obama. The others. The Democratic race. Here. Now. Video.

May 2, 2008 |  1:24 am

The race for the Democratic Party nomination for president has gone on so long New York's Sen. Hillary Clinton has taken to drinking to forget she's in Indiana

Are you in a hurry this morning? A real hurry?

No time to read a complete newspaper? Or hop around to your usual list of websites including, of course, The Ticket?

Well, we'll make this real easy for you. The clever folks over at Slate have constructed a wondrous video that tells the complete story of the Democratic race for the presidential nomination so far.Illinois Sen Barack Obama pauses in a speech to scratch his cheek as the endless race for the Democratic Party's nomination for president goes on and on and on

Seven minutes covering 14 months.

You must watch sharply.

And listen quickly.

But it's a hoot. You'll laugh for twice as long. Don't miss it here.

Now, get going.

-- Andrew Malcolm

                                                                Photo Credits: AP