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Rush Limbaugh rules in Democratic race?

May 6, 2008 |  4:18 pm

Fox News Channel gave Rush Limbaugh a nod as it reported early (and subject to further adjustment) exit poll numbers showing that Republicans who cast ballots in the Indiana Democratic presidential primary broke for Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, 52% to 46%.

The folks at Fox wondered if that advantage for Clinton might reflect Limbaugh's crusade for GOP-inclined voters to do their part to prolong the Democratic race (which then could cripple the party, come November).

Limbaugh's effect will be impossible to prove ... but no doubt he'll claim it was immense.

Other exit poll figures, via Fox (reiterating that they are subject to change): Indiana Democrats favored Clinton, 53% to 47%, while Obama had an edge among independents, 51% to 49%.

-- Don Frederick