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Dream Ticket of Clinton, Obama revived by ex-aide of ex-aide of Hillary

May 7, 2008 |  7:04 am

Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama just got through assaulting each other a few hours ago over delegates from Indiana and North Carolina. And now a bunch of Clinton supporters are pushing the idea of a "unity ticket" featuring both of them.

How likely does that seem right now?

But wait! They don't have to decide that right now. It's a long time until Denver in August. Several geological ages in this political cycle.

Well what do you think? Could Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois patch things up enough to form a joint Democratic presidential-vice presidential ticket for November

          Do these two look like Democratic running mates or a couple beginning therapy?

The proposal is being pushed through a new website, founded by Adam Parkhomenko, called

It's the much-talked-about-and-more-recently-ignored-especially-by-the-Obama-folks-idea of a so-called Dream Ticket. At the moment one might think that Obama would be on top, if he (and Michelle) would even consider the idea, given his vote totals, delegate totals, state totals and the feared sentiment among many Democrats if the first serious African American candidate was denied the top spot.

Not to mention the resulting ubiquitous White House presence of a certain ex-president who's said some divisive things in support of his Mrs. But, hey, this is politics, right? Bygones and all that for the good of the party come November.

The red, white and blue website with the title that flashes between Obama-Clinton and Clinton-Obama is currently not very full of press clippings on the effort. Maybe this will become a new one there. Maybe not.

But here's an interesting piece of background to get minds thinking and tongues talking: The website founder, Parkhomenko, used to be the assistant to Patti Solis Doyle, who used to be the campaign manager for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

How's that for coincidences?

-- Andrew Malcolm

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