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Another DNC delegate dust-up: Which bloggers get seats?

May 23, 2008 |  7:44 am

As if the dispute over whether to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations isn't enough, the Democratic National Committee is facing a mini-uprising in the blogger world over which local blogs will be seated with state delegations at the Democratic National Convention in August.

The DNC, perhaps recognizing how many activists get their political fixes from blogs, decided to grant a seat to (usually) a single blog with each state's delegation in Denver. This is in addition to the large-scale blog sites (think Huffington and Kos) that will get media credentials to cover the event. And some of the state-level blog sites are fairly large, such as Calitics, which gets a seat.

But some bloggers left off the list are smelling bias, or at the least a failure of inclusion. And maybe exclusion based on how far left the bloggers lean. And there's the occasional accusation of favoritism.

One big happy family, those Democrats.

-- Scott Martelle