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Finally! Hillary Clinton on Miley Cyrus -- and the photos

May 5, 2008 |  6:31 pm

The 2008 presidential race long since became the lengthiest political campaign in the recorded history of man. In the process, the range of topics the candidates are asked to opine on seems to expand Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, finds herself a topic of discussion in the presidential campaign as Democrat Hillary Clinton comments on the Vanity Fair photo shoot featuring the teenage actress exponentially.

Exhibit A: In what's billed as an "exclusive" for the celebrity news website, Hillary Clinton comments on the pressing matter of the Miley Cyrus photo shoot scandal (for background, consult this Calendar story).

Indeed, Clinton not only comments, she offers a carefully calibrated response that balances giving Cyrus -- aka Hannah Montana -- her due (no point in offending a huge fan base of future voters) while providing the appropriate dose of adult tut-tut.

"From everything I've heard she's a great kid and obviously very talented, but I think we need to do more to preserve our kids' childhood," says Clinton (who must have more time to spare than we realized).

The rest of the piece can be read here. Be forewarned, though -- the article's link to Clinton discussing "Life & Politics, Part II" takes you to a pre-New Hampshire primary interview.

We applaud the site's initiative in snaring this interview. Still, it knows, like us, that what America really wants to know is how Barack Obama's two daughters -- much more probable Cyrus devotees than Chelsea Clinton -- reacted to the smudge on the teen star's image.

-- Don Frederick

Photo credit: Getty Images