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WWDHD? WWTTD? (What Would Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo Do?)

April 4, 2008 |  1:52 pm

Our international colleagues over on La Plaza have stirred up a hornet's nest with a posting about a vodka company ad running in Mexico that puts the U.S.-Mexican border in an "Absolut World" at about the Washington-Oregon border .Absolut_3

Never mind the impact on the Pac-10 sports schedule -- who would UCLA and USC play, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico? -- what would the impact be on the presidential campaign? You know, just hypothetically speaking, over a glass of vodka on a Friday afternoon.

Well, Hillary Clinton would be out -- the Latino vote in the current Southwest would be voting in Mexico -- so you gotta figure Barack Obama facing off against John McCain in the general (assuming McCain moves from Arizona).

And without all the wild-eyed liberals out here in California voting, that leaves the northern tier, the Midwest, the Deep South and the Northeast. Advantage: McCain?

You know, if it was an Absolut World. But what we're having the most trouble envisioning is that border fence along the Columbia River.

-- Scott Martelle