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N.C. GOP defies McCain on ad depicting Obama and Wright

April 23, 2008 |  7:14 pm

Well, gee what are you going to do, eh? States are states and so are state parties.

And so the North Carolina Republican Party has decided for its own internal reasons to defy its presumptive presidential nominee and run an anti-Obama ad -- or at least say it's going to run the adIllinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with his pastor of 20 years Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago so the news media will run it endlessly for them for free-- that Sen. John McCain and RNC head Mike Duncan say should be killed.

They've both said they sent messages to the state party chair Linda Daves, a little old lady also shown in the ad who looks like she's sitting in a rocker about to serve tea instead of ignite a political controversy.

The 30-second ad is really a two-bank shot for state consumption aimed at the two Democrats vying for their party's gubernatorial nomination on May 6.

As The Ticket has noted previously, both Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and state Treasurer Richard Moore have endorsed Barack Obama who has a militant minister, therefore, according to the ad, they're not good. It doesn't involve McCain, who's says he hasn't seen the commercial but heard enough to dislike it.

It pictures, as shown here, Obama with his preacher of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with one clip of a now familiar infamous rant, saying, "No! No! No! Not God bless America. God bleep America!"

Referring to Perdue and Moore, it says, "They should know better. He's just too extreme for North Carolina." (Obama, not Wright.)

You can watch the ad here if you really must. McCain and Duncan obviously feel the ad is too extreme for them.

But if the Democrats can't yet figure out who their nominee's gonna be come November, it looks like the little old lady chair of the North Carolina Republican Party thinks she has.

--Andrew Malcolm

                                     Photo Credit: Trinity United Church of Christ