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Randi Rhodes calls Clinton and Ferraro ____ _____ and ______

April 3, 2008 |  3:54 pm

Well, this should be a fairly brief and easy item to write because we can't say so many of the words involved. Well, we can say them -- not that we ever hRandy Rhodes or Randi Rhodes the Air America talk-radio hostess who was suspended for calling Senator Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro ____  ____ and also ______ave -- we just can't print them because no one has ever heard these awful words at work or in the street and, thus, the entire Republic would collapse if these words got out.

Because as some presidential candidate once said, "Words are important."

(And don't try to sneak words like ____ or _____ into the Comments section below either because, although we want to hear what you think of this ____  _____ controversy, we're watching very closely.)

It seems that another public broadcast personality -- this time a woman -- in the course of "entertaining" a benefit crowd for KKGN, the Air America outlet in San Francisco, called Sen. Hillary Clinton and ex-Rep. Geraldine Ferraro a whole lot of bad words having to do with prostitutes and what, we imagine, they're supposed to do for that money.

She said that Clinton is a _____  ______. She said Ferraro is also a ______  _________. She also called someone a _____  ________. They are the kind of words and images that get huge laughs when high-priced comedians use them on the _____ stage in Las Vegas, which is a _______ town.

The speaker's name is Randi Rhodes. (Spelling her first name that way makes her sound like a ____  _____, doesn't it?) She is -- or was -- the afternoon host on Air America, the "progressive" radio network that _______ and ______. It's designed to compete with the much larger array of _____ conservative talk-radio hosts and programs that are ______ and _____. Seriously, if you listen to any in that ______ crowd you must be a ______  ______.

In a statement released today, Charlie Kireker, who is the _____ chairman of Air America, said the _____ network "encourages strong opinions about public affairs." But apparently it does not condone words like ______, _______, or ______ when applied to public personalities, even if the speaker was _______ not on the _____ air.

Kireker did not use the words _____ or _______. Or even _______.

But the network did suspend that _____ Rhodes indefinitely. Now she can go to work fulltime to support her candidate that ____  ______.

If you need to hear words like ________  or ________, you can go to that _______ YouTube place and _______ watch and ______ listen until your ____  eyes fall out or you ______. Click here if you _____ must. We could give a _____  ____.

--Andrew Malcolm

Malcolm is a ____ writer with The ____ Ticket.