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Ralph Nader seeks qualified spokespersons ready for certain defeat

April 28, 2008 |  1:44 am

How would you like to head up the public communications effort for a surefire losing presidential candidacy? You would know in advance from now through Nov. 4 that nothing you did or said would change the outcome for your candidate. You might get to travel a little. Wouldn't have to worry about getting a large salary.

And, who knows, you could play a key role in siphoning off enough angry Democratic votes to help elect another Republican preRalph Nader's nascent president campaign is looking for two media professionals to handle the presssident.

What's more your boss has never shown any reluctance to speak for himself.

Ralph Nader's latest presidential campaign is looking for two top media people. Experience necessary. It's posted an erudite and well-educated want ad on the website appealing to the idealism of potential job applicants.

It says the Nader "presidential campaign for a progressive, majoritarian redirection of our country is seeking experienced media persons to conduct outreach and receive press inquiries.

"You can bring your conscience to work daily, commit truth, and engage the great issues of our times.

"Writing and reportorial experience are needed, unless you are a sui generis talented and motivated dynamo in these tumultuous arenas of newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the blogs.

"Applications are invited, together with references, writing samples and other magnetic material that you believe commend you for these tasks.

"Savor the experience, make a consequential contribution to public dialogue, public education and the substantive quality of this presidential year, whose major party candidates are so besieged thus far with trivia and distractions."

Also the applicants should be prepared to answer the inevitable media question: whether Nader prefers boxers or briefs.

--Andrew Malcolm

                                                                             Photo Credit: AP