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Mike Huckabee's back as the leader of a PAC

April 16, 2008 |  8:58 pm

Just when you thought you wouldn't have former Gov. Mike Huckabee to kick around anymore, he's back.

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidental candidate Mike Huckabee forms his own political action committee to help fellow GOPers and maybe even himself

Not as a Republican presidential candidate. He's surrendered honorably and endorsed Sen. John McCain, like most of the others who fell by the wayside, except Rep. Ron Paul.

Paul hasn't fallen by the wayside, but he's still out there campaigning hopelessly for himself this year and hopefully for a strict constitutionalist revolution in coming years that hasn't quite arrived yet in the minds of all but about the 803,000 Republican primary voters who went for Paul.

And -- don't even bother to ask -- Paul is still not endorsing McCain, and -- before you ask a follow-up -- he says he won't either.

After an overly dramatic countdown clock on his website reached zero the other day, Huckabee announced HuckPac, his own political action committee, which will financially support "Republican candidates who are passionate advocates for tax reform, a strong national defense, real border security, life, the family, less government and individual liberty."

He'd like you to donate at least $25 to get it going.

And, hey, if this also helps keep Huckabee's name alive politically in GOP circles for the next four years or until McCain chooses him as his vice presidential running mate, well, there's not much old Huck can do to stop it, is there?

-- Andrew Malcolm