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Hillary Clinton talks to Ellen about 'the boys' and bowls badly

April 6, 2008 |  7:04 pm

About to enter the final two weeks before the crucial Pennsylvania Democratic primary on April 22, Sen. Hillary Clinton stops by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres again Monday because she wants to reach one of her strongest group of voters, older women.

Actually, they don't really talk Monday. They taped it laEllen DeGeneres and New York Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton go for a walk together somewherest week. So we know a little about the discussion. Ellen says she knows how strong Hillary is, but how hard it must be to hear all this talk about how she should give up, get out and quit the race for the Democratic presidential nomination because she's behind.

And Hillary says: "You know, boys used to say that to me all the time.

"And I figured I know this contest is close.  I don't think either one of us should get out.  We should let people vote.  There are a lot of states that haven't voted yet.  They deserve a chance to have their votes counted, and I just feel like I'm doing this for myself,
obviously because I believe so much in what our country can be again once we finally get through with President Bush and get back to being the America we know and love."

And Ellen asks her about the rights of gay couples. And the New York senator says she's going to do "everything I can" to ensure equality.

"I like it. I like it," Ellen replies.

And they also talk about how Clinton is supposed to be some kind of cousin to Madonna, who is not a candidate for the Democratic nomination. But Clinton doesn't answer. She wants to know how Ellen got ahold of an old photo.

Also, a little broadcast bird tells The Ticket that on the show Clinton decides to go bowling with Ellen, which may have something to do with how badly her competitor, Barack Obama, bowled at an impromptu session the other day. He scored 37.

However, we understand that Clinton also rolls a fair number of gutter balls. But maybe they'll edit those out--"Democratic Candidates Can't Bowl!"

-- Andrew Malcolm