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Hillary Clinton, meet Bill O'Reilly

April 29, 2008 |  8:42 pm

As our Showtracker blog noted earlier today, Hillary Clinton is slated to headline FOX News Fox New Channel host Bill O'Reilly will be interviewing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on his show, the O'Reilly Factor Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor," conversing -- for the first time -- with host Bill O'Reilly from Indiana. The interview will air in two parts, with the first segment shown Wednesday night and the next on Thursday (all the better to milk the ratings, presumably).

Her appearance predictably follows Barack Obama's long-awaited interview on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. From the viewpoint of the mainstream media (like us), Obama emerged unscathed from his encounter with Wallace (little knowing a new Jeremiah Wright-inspired firestorm awaited him).

But some liberal bloggers, who as part of decrying what they see as FOX's over-the-top conservative bias generally urge Democrats to boycott the network, were displeased with Obama and the way he handled his chat (see here, here and here).

Clinton may not take quite as much grief because many in the liberal blogsphere have long since written her off. Still, she hasn't gotten a complete pass.

Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post had unpleasant things ...

to say about her tete-a-tete with O'Reilly in this item, including a prediction (only partly facetious, we think) that the two will "have a nice laugh over terrorists destroying the arugula chomping elites of San Francisco."

News Corpse, meanwhile, posted an item declaring that its chagrin over Obama's Fox appearance "applies in spades to Clinton’s announcement that she will fraternize with the noxious" O’Reilly.

The post's other thoughts can be perused here (the home page also is worth checking out for its proclamation on "the demise of the media').

--  Don Frederick

Photo credit: Associated Press