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Barack Obama's team stays calm

April 22, 2008 |  7:32 pm

Barack Obama's lead strategist, David Axelrod, sported a T-shirt with the slogan "Stop the Drama, Vote for Obama," as the campaign plane left Philadelphia this evening for a rally in Indiana.

Pennsylvanians, obviously, weren't ready to bring down the curtain on the compelling Democratic presidential race. But Axelrod, speaking to reporters at a point when exit polls pointed to a Hillary Clinton victory but before the vote count confirmed that, did what he's paid to do: remain sanguine in the face of defeat.

"No matter what happens [in Pennsylvania], I feel fairly comfortable that we're going to come away with a good group of delegates," said Axelrod, who had purchased his shirt for $10 earlier in the day from a street vendor. (Obama communications specialist Robert Gibbs bought one, too.) "But if she has a few more and we have a few less, I don't think it's going to change the fundamentals of this race.  We're on a good path here.''

He added: "If you don't think we've done well enough, ask the Clinton folks if they'd like to change places with us.''

No -- but as Axelrod's attire suggested -- the Obama camp is anxious for the final act in this saga.

-- Don Frederick