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Could Ted Strickland shatter the "dream ticket"?

March 7, 2008 |  9:28 pm

Pardon us for demurring from the hot and heavy speculation over a Democratic "dream team" (Hillary Clinton, for the second time this week, fueled speculation about such a pairing today; so did one of her prime supporters, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell).

Ultimately, unstoppable momentum may build behind a Clinton-Barack Obama ticket -- or vice versa -- as only way to achieve anything close to party peace. Blogger Big Tent Democrat posited that the other day, sparking a lively discussion.

What strikes us, though, is that the prospects of another politician -- at least if Clinton prevails as the nominee -- received a major boost this week.

Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland -- who already had been the object of Veep conjecture, back when Clinton looked to be gliding to the nomination -- laid it on the line for her in his home state. And Clinton's 10-percentage-point victory in its primary had to boost his stock within her camp.

Traditional rules may well not apply ...

in this historic race. But if they do, Strickland would seem to merit serious consideration as a running mate for Clinton (and perhaps even for Obama).

He is absolutely without flash -- plodding is more like it. And most Americans have no idea who he is. Indeed, were he to be picked, the initial reaction -- even among party activists -- likely would be disappointment.

But none of that would matter if the Democrats, thanks in part to Strickland, carried Ohio in November. The Buckeye State's track record as a leading indicator of the outcome of presidential elections may not be quite what Clinton has claimed, but it's close.

-- Don Frederick