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Ohio paper gets exclusive interview with Hillary, but the wrong one

March 19, 2008 |  7:32 pm

Well, today's another day after a forgettable Tuesday for the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio. The paper published an exclusive interview with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton discussing a variety of issues of interest to Midwestern voters.

The eager reporter, who may be changing his name now, called the local office of Rep. Charlie Wilson, who was having one of his regular public meetings with his eastern Ohio constituents. "This is Hillary," came the answer.

So, knowing the New York senator had visited the area previously, the reporter proceeded with the interview and Hillary, who's very accustomed to answering questions from the news media, kindly gave him helpful and quotable responses.

Obviously, he didn't ask how to spell her last name; he knew that already. So the reporter wrote his story on the candidate's latest visit with voters in the Mahoning Valley, which the Tribune Chronicle printed.

Alas, the reporter had actually interviewed Hillary Wicai Viers, the congressman's communications director. Another Hillary, last name Clinton was in Washington, D.C., that day. Under the headline "Information attributed to Clinton was incorrect," the paper published a correction today with the editor saying the situation is being reviewed.

--Andrew Malcolm