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N.Y. Sex Update II: Guvs gone wild, will Spitzer strip for Playgirl?

March 19, 2008 | 10:27 pm

You gotta love New York, at least when you're not there. It's been such an entertaining place to watch the last 10 days.

What with the ex-prosecutor who went after prostitutes legally before he went after them individually on his way to adding ex-governor to his resume. And Kristen, the New Jersey girl wAbout-to-be-ex-New York Gov Eliot Spitzer leaves his Manhattan residence before resigning over his involvement with a high-priced prostitution ring and a woman with the working name of Kristenho went wild in Miami before her price went way up for Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who in generous appreciation of a friend and major donor used his name as a hotel pseudonym for the illicit liaisons.

And as if making a serial movie called "Guvs Gone Wild," the ex-governor's replacement, a blind African American Democrat named David Paterson -- who accidentally ascended to the Empire State's political leadership and thrilled his inaugural audience with a calming, good-natured speech -- admitted to a newspaper reporter that he'd had an affair during his 16-year marriage, and then his wife, Michelle, confessed that she had too.

And then one day into his term the new governor said that, well, actually, he'd had several affairs, some more recently than he'd originally indicated, and one of them was with a female state employee but he hadn't knowingly used any state funds in his gallivanting.

Perhaps weirdest of all, Albany's routinely rancorous Republican leadership dismissed it all as Paterson's personal business.

And now today Playgirl, seemingly seriously, offered money and pubic publicity to the unemployed ex-governor to join its glossy pages of naked hunks and show off his huge chin. "Seriously," the magazine's website announced today, "get in touch with us. We're ready to make you a very attractive offer."

It's going to be hard to top all that in this election year. Maybe if Oprah ran off with Ron Paul?

Nah, not even that would do it.

--Andrew  Malcolm

                                                                        Photo credit: Newsday / Alan Raia