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John Edwards, Mitt Romney, campaign loans -- and a debt

March 20, 2008 | 10:21 pm

A few more numbers from today's monthly campaign finance filings with the Federal Election Commission by presidential candidates, courtesy of our favorite campaign finance expert, The Times' Dan Morain.

Former Democratic Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina disclosed today that he North Carolina's former Senator John Edwards former candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination reports he received more than $3 million in matching federal campaign funds in February and put it all toward repaying a $9 million campaign loanreceived $3.059 million in federal matching funds in February and used every penny of it to begin repaying a $9-million loan he previously took out to keep his fading campaign afloat financially.

As of the last day of February, the loan balance sat at $5.9 million. Edwards reported raising $38.98 million and spending $40.1 million before dropping out in January.

Republican Mitt Romney lasted longer and spent more of his own money in his unsuccessful campaign than Edwards spent altogether. As a former businessman, he also ended up with a slight campaign financial surplus.

The former Massachusetts governor, now being mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate on a ticket with Sen. John McCain, reported another $2 million in loans to himself, pushing the total amount he invested in his campaign to $44.3 million.

Counting the loans, Romney amassed $110.9 million for his failed campaign and spent $105 million. He ended with a surplus of about $1.27 million, likely to go toward winding down the national campaign operation.

--Andrew Malcolm