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Good news for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania

March 6, 2008 | 12:04 pm

Like Ohio, Pennsylvania long has loomed as favorable turf for Hillary Clinton.

It's population is older than in many other states (as of 2006, 15.6% of the state's residents were over 65 years of age, compared to 12.4% nationally). And it is heavily Catholic -- a demographic group that has leaned heavily her way (in Ohio, she won 63% of the Catholic vote).

Now comes a fresh poll indicating that Clinton's strong showing on Tuesday has paid dividends for her in the Keystone State, where it had appeared she was losing her advantage over Barack Obama.

A Rasmussen Reports survey taken Wednesday of likely voters in Pennsylvania's April 22 primary found Clinton leading Obama by 15 percentage points, 52% to 37%.

In late February, by contrast, when Obama was riding the wave that crashed for him this week, a Rasmussen poll had found him trailing Clinton in Pennsylvania by only 4 points, 46% to 42%.

You can peruse the latest results here.

-- Don Frederick