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Keeping score with the Democrats

February 11, 2008 |  4:35 pm

Several media outlets have taken on the unenviable task of trying to track the delegate chase between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential race. And the hard-working folks at National Journal's Hotline have decided to do us the favor of periodically listing the competing figures.

They may vary, but the bottom line is consistent: the Clinton/Obama battle for the magic nominating number -- 2,025 -- couldn't be much closer. Indeed, three of the tallies pit Clinton ahead, while three others give the edge to Obama.

Here were the breakdowns, minus the scattered delegates won by candidates who have since ended their candidacies, as of this morning: ...

CNN: Clinton, 1,148; Obama, 1,121.

MSNBC (not including super delegates): Obama, 943; Clinton, 895.

ABC: Clinton, 1,128; Obama, 1,116.

CBS (not reflecting delegates potentially won at Iowa caucuses): Obama, 1,134; Clinton, 1,131. Obama, 1,143; Clinton, 1,138.

Associated Press: Clinton, 1,136; Obama, 1,108.

The only other candidate with more than double-digit delegates is John Edwards; most of the tallies give him 26, ABC's lists him with 40.

The number 537 will be forever linked to the 2000 presidential election: That's the margin by which it was determined George Bush carried Florida, and thus won the White House. That Democratic nomination number -- 2,025 -- could similarly become part of political lore.

-- Don Frederick