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Some new editions to the family

February 13, 2008 |  7:04 pm

We wanted to take just one minute today to welcome not one but two new bloggers to the team this week.

Veronique de Turenne launches the new LANow blog, well, now. Today. A genuine online veteran from another local website that makes some money off of writing about this institution a lot, she and her colleague Jesus Sanchez, will be -- well, actually, already are -- posting interesting items from all over the Southland.

LANow will cover breaking news, take feeds from Times correspondents wandering the region and also helpfully steer you to interesting stories in other publications, if there are any. And, to be honest, you'll discover Veronique's got a little attitude.

In the words of Veronique, a name that rolls off the keyboard as if it was French or somesing, "LA Now is where you come to find out what’s happening in Southern California, news and arts and gossip and crime and just the crazy only-in-LA stuff that happens every day. I’m like the hostess of a really fun cocktail party, making introductions, finding connections, making you glad you live in Southern California, or making you wish you did."

Or, for some of you elsewhere not enjoying the blessings of LA traffic, perhaps making you shake your head in wonder and happy to be elsewhere.

Also new on-site this week is a blog by the one and only Kareem Abdul Jabbar. You couldn't stop him on the court, you can't stop him here from writing about his life and thoughts exclusively on Today, he's got some advice for conditioning by people over 50, present company excluded, in case there are any others out there. So, bookmark 'em both.

Not that you'd ever want to leave The Ticket.

Would you?

--Andrew Malcolm