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Mitt Romney's other big regret

February 1, 2008 |  5:03 pm

You may recall the other night in the The Times-cosponsored Republican debate at the Reagan Library, candidate Mitt Romney mentioned, as a compliment to Sen. John McCain's military service, that he had "two great regrets" in life and one of them was never having served in the military. (He had a deferment for his two-year religious mission overseas.)

Yeah, so what, the Ticket wondered, was the other big regret?

Well, now we know. Thanks to our colleague Ron Allen over at NBC News, we have the answer. During a campaign flight today, he asked the candidate the obvious question and Romney said, not having more children.

The former Massachusetts governor has five sons and, so far, 11 grandchildren.

As Ron notes, Ann Romney was not available for immediate comment on the more-sons idea.

-- Andrew Malcolm