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Dueling Democrat photos! Now they both go native!!

February 25, 2008 |  4:42 pm

Earlier today, as we noted then, "someone" (the finger, according to Matt Drudge, pointed at the Clinton campaign, a charge the campaign manager did not deny but made fun of) began distributing a photo of Sen. Barack Obama in Kenyan native costume during a visit there.

The Obama campaign arose in indignation, claiming it was part of an ongoing e-mail effort to portray the Illinois senator as a Muslim. Smear job! some cried, presumably because they thought it also negatively emphasized the Democratic candidate's African roots.

Others pointed out quite rightly it's a customary for visitors to dress in native garb during a visit. (Ever seen that famous photo of President Coolidge in an Indian headdress?)

Now, comes a photo of Sen. Hillary Clinton wearing, gasp, a Muslim head covering.

For what's next in the Democratic photo phight, click below.

--Andrew Malcolm

We are indebted to the Houston Chronicle for this one.