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Another tear or two from Hillary Clinton

February 4, 2008 | 12:32 pm

There's been another emotional moment for Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, again coming on the eve of an incredibly crucial day in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

But, unlike the case in New Hampshire exactly four weeks ago, this latest incident was sparked by a simple trip down memory lane -- rather than a voter's question about the rigors of campaigning. So its effect likely will be nil, especially since -- again, unlike the New Hampshire moment -- it's not getting incessant play on cable television.

Clinton gave warning that today's event in New Haven, Conn., might get to her. The Times' Peter Nicholas was there, and he reports she cautioned that she felt "nostalgic" as she arrived for the gathering at the Yale Child Study Center. That was where, as the Associated Press reports, she first got involved in children's issues while a student at Yale Law School (where she also met husband Bill Clinton).

As the AP story goes on to relate, she was introduced by a longtime friend, Penn Rhodeen, who recalled ...

her showing up on his doorstep in purple bell-bottoms. As he aptly put it: "It was so 1972."

It was during Rhodeen's remarks that Clinton wiped a few tears from her eyes, which she took note of when it was her turn to speak: "I said I would not tear up. Already we're not exactly on that path."

Here's a clip (though her new misty-eyed moment is not captured).

-- Don Frederick