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Letterman musses John Edwards' $400 haircut

January 23, 2008 |  1:22 am

1 During much of Monday's Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, John Edwards was kind of like the third wheel on the date from hell, as the feuding couple -- Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- went at each other much of the night, wagging fingers, interrupting each other and staging staredowns. Edwards tried to make the best of it.

But Tuesday night, Edwards had the guest chair all to himself on "Late Show with David Letterman." And the host wanted to know, "What was that ... melee like last night? ... You were right there."

Edwards responded, "What I was trying to do was represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party." Good line. Edwards came across as a pretty regular guy, which is a major goal for any politician on a late-night comedy show.

Then Letterman couldn't resist. "Could I just mess your hair up a little bit?" he asked.

"You want to?" said Edwards. "Go ahead."

Then, just as Letterman reached out to do it, like an impertinent trial lawyer, Edwards reached over and mussed up the host's hair too.

Vigilante justice in America during the hunt for votes.

-- Andrew Malcolm

Photo credit: J.P. Filo CBS/Associated Press