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Breaking News: Nevada Court says MSNBC can bar Kucinich

January 15, 2008 |  5:37 pm

The Nevada Supreme Court has just ruled that MSNBC is within its rights to bar Rep. Dennis Kucinich from participating in the nationally-televised Democratic presidential debate in a few minutes.

The court decision, issued minutes ago, reverses a District Court order from yesterday that required the network to include Kucinich as a qualified candidate. MSNBC had originally invited the Cleveland congressman, but then rescinded that invitation last week.

Kucinich's lawyers had argued that a contract thus existed and MSNBC was breaking it by un-inviting him.

However, today's Supreme Court decision ruled that no such binding contract existed and the district court "manifestly abused its discretion" in making that interpretation.

The results are the debate will continue this evening at 6 p.m. Pacific with just the top three Democratic candidates--Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.

--Andrew Malcolm