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Romney impresses at least one listener

December 6, 2007 | 11:40 am

The ultimate effect of Mitt Romney's much-anticipated speech today on religion and politics will best be determined on caucus night next month in Iowa -- the state where concerns about his Mormonism among evangelicals have clouded his presidential hopes. But Romney can bask in a rave review from one keen observer of political attitudes within the conservative Christian community -- David Brody.

Brody, the senior national correspondent for the Christian Broadcast Network, seemingly could not have been more impressed with Romney's remarks. In a file he posted shortly after the speech ended, Brody termed it "sweeping, lofty and presidential."

Romney, he wrote, "looked natural and spoke passionately." He added that the candidate "didn't just look like a president today. He sounded and behaved like one too."

You can read the rest of Brody's reaction here. And you can read our news story on the speech here. The text of Romney's remarks are here.

CBN, of course, was founded decades ago by televangelist Pat Robertson, who recently surprised many by backing Rudy Giuliani in the GOP presidential race. Brody's page takes note of that with the following: "Pat Robertson as a private citizen has recently endorsed a candidate for public office. As a private citizen he has the right to participate in the political process, and is entitled to express his personal views. CBN, as a public charity, does not support or oppose any candidate for public office, and as a result will not address or comment further on this matter."

-- Don Frederick