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Update: New L.A. Times/Bloomberg Poll now up

December 27, 2007 | 11:06 am

Hillary Clinton seems to have stablized her position in Iowa, but she has reason to be concerned about New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney, meanwhile, may be left hoping that the results in Iowa have a minimal impact on voters in New Hampshire.

Those are two of the trends captured in a new L.A. Times/Bloomberg Poll of voters in the two states that routinely make or break presidential candidacies. We won't reveal the precise numbers here; those will be available on our homepage later today (roughly 4 p.m. PST).

We can say this much: The results, in line with other recent surveys, indicate a Democratic race that remains up for grabs in Iowa among Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama (with the latter coming on strong in New Hampshire). Meanwhile, the poll contains no good cheer for the three Democrats -- Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd -- who have been banking on an Iowa "surprise."

Among the Republican White House contenders, the poll found that Romney's best-laid plans for the Hawkeye State appear to have gone awry, derailed by Mike Huckabee. But, also like other polls, it found no sign that Huckabee fever was widespread in New Hampshire (good news not only for Romney, but John McCain as well).

(UPDATE: Here it is now.)

-- Don Frederick