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A Bush I military man cracks wise about Bush II

December 28, 2007 | 10:33 pm

Lest Iowa Democrats forget the Republican they most like to loathe, retired Gen. Tony McPeak, Air Force chief of staff during the first Gulf War, has been there to remind them.

In fact, he makes a nod toward bipartisanship as he takes a verbal smack at the commander-in-chief who happens to be the son of the president he served.

The tall, ascetic-looking McPeak, 71, has been traveling the Hawkeye State introducing Barack Obama to crowds come to cheer on the Democratic presidential contender. He likes to tout the candidate's smarts. And that, The Times' Maria LaGanga reports, sets up his best laugh line.

“For the last seven years, we’re testing the theory that it doesn’t make a lot of difference if the guy in the White House is not that bright,” McPeak drawled Friday in Muscatine. “And the results are in. In fact, just about everybody on either side that’s in contention for the presidency, no matter who wins, there’s going to be a big jump in the IQ.”

The current President Bush was not available for comment.

-- Don Frederick