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What's next, a garage sale?

November 10, 2007 |  9:28 am

Got an old bike in the garage? Some knick-knacks in the attic? A skeleton in the closet -- oh, wait, maybe not that. But some unused glassware in the back of the top shelf in the kitchen -- that would work.

Mitt Romney wants you to sell that old stuff online and pass the proceeds to his campaign (and you have to hope that, if he wins, he'll keep the theme going and have a White House yard sale). Naturally, the Democratic National Committee was happy to point out this little fundraising gambit to anyone who might have missed it -- and now offers its own Romney package for sale on eBay.

Which of course raisies all sorts of potential for the other candidates to raise cash in unconventional ways. After all, we are a consumer society. So who has what to sell, beyond power and influence? Maybe Hillary Clinton can sell the first birthday card Bill sent her after, well, you know. Maybe Rudy Giuliani can sell his signed divorce decrees (volume reduces the per-unit value). Has John Edwards got an old hairbrush somewhere awaiting entry into the eBay world?

Any suggestions? Please post 'em below. Really. And sorry, but you don't get a piece of the action.

-- Scott Martelle