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Not Breaking News: Note to Top of the Ticket Readers

November 8, 2007 |  4:25 pm

Attention Top of the Ticket readers (especially Ron Paul supporters):

Due to the growing popularity of the Top of the Ticket blog and its welcome and somewhat overdue inclusion into the Internet area now routinely scanned by the Web's independent search engines, there has been in the last several hours a sudden appearance of many older items from this blog on the web.

These are not re-postings, as easy as that would make our work for today. And as perfectly as that would fit into the conspiratorial suspicions of some political partisans who've left comments today. This is quite simply the discovery today by the search engines of several hundred items written over the past five months since we opened this blog dialogue on June 11.

All of the comments have been posted, albeit on items that are many weeks old. They can be accessed through the subject category words in the right-hand column of this blog. (There's even a separate subject line for Ron Paul, who is allegedly ignored so much by the media.)

We heartily welcome all of our new readers and hope you will make this unusual and eclectic political blog a regular part of your browsing day, along with this vibrant, constantly changing website.

There are two or three of us regularly posting political items here -- one from the East Coast and one from the West. So we span a lot of country as well as several time zones through each long blogging day. You never know what you'll find here at all hours.

Bookmark this:

And keep on reading and leaving those comments. This is intended as a place for fans of politics written by fans of politics.

--Andrew Malcolm and Don Frederick