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Can I talk to you for 60 days or so?

November 2, 2007 |  1:44 am

So, uh, listen, got anything planned for the next little while, like, say, two months?

Most of the presidential campaigns send out almost daily missives seeking financial donations with all kinds of creative offers. A while back, John Edwards even volunteered to accept campaign donations and then allow you to work with him rebuilding New Orleans. But a few hours ago a new kind of offer flashed around the country.

If you can drop everything, stop the mail and board your dog, ask the family to forget you for some time, leave your job, pack up and move yourself to a distant state and live out of your own pocket for the rest of 2007, John McCain's campaign will let you work for them for free. Who could refuse an offer like that?

They don't have much money anymore, the McCain campaign folks. Even the candidate flies commercial these days. But the campaign does have a large need -- for volunteers. In Iowa, South Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, where many other campaigns have paid coordinators running extensive ground operations.

So today Bill Bloomfield, director of McCain volunteers, sent out a quick, brief little e-mail.

"Can you invest eight weeks of your time to make history?" he asked. "We need you at one of our offices."

"If you can relocate to one of the early primary or caucus states, please reply to this e-mail or send your contact information to:"

Well, what are you doing still reading this? Get going!

--Andrew Malcolm