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Pretend you're working and play with this

September 18, 2007 |  4:02 pm

A friend sent along this link that's been so much fun to toy with that productivity has lagged a bit (unless, of course, you're a supervising editor reading this, in which case we spent only two minutes and 11 seconds on the site. During lunch. While writing another blog item with the left hand).

The premise is you answer "yes," "no" or "unsure" on 23 questions, rank the individual question's importance to you -- low, medium or high -- and the tabulator tells you which presidential candidate is the best match.  Kind of like eHarmony for uncertain voters.

If you leave the intensity setting at "medium" and click "yes" for all the issues -- from supporting gay marriage to supporting the Iraq war and school vouchers -- your candidate is Rudy Giuliani.  If you click  "no" for all the issues, you get Ron Paul.  If you click "unsure," Joe Biden's your best bet.

This is where it gets fun.  Just start clicking willy-nilly.  We alternated "yes" and "no" down the list and got businessman John Cox.  Who, you say?  Then we reversed, "no" and "yes" down the list and got Mike Gravel.  If the only issue you're sure of -- and you rate it high -- is drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, then Sam Brownback's your man.

Go ahead.  Play with it.  We'll watch for the hall monitor.

-- Scott Martelle