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Let 'em eat tenders

September 11, 2007 |  1:20 am

By all accounts, the Oprah Winfrey fundraiser for Barack Obama was an affair to remember for those who ponied up the minimum $2,300 campaign cash necessary to enter her elegant Montecito estate. And we presume that those who were on the outside looking in --- covering the event, or simply gawking --- aren't likely to soon forget it, either.

But even in the world according to Oprah, perfection --- while no doubt sought --- can prove elusive. Which brings us to the gathering's one apparent flaw: the eats.

Variety's Ted Johnson, in the last paragraph in his story on the gala, reports that "some guests, while noting a classy atmosphere overall, said they were less than impressed with the food selection: corn on the cob, mini hamburgers, chicken tenders."

Chicken tenders! We hope that at the least, a variety of sauces was available.

The prosaic menu isn't on Oprah. As Johnson notes, federal election law required that Obama's presidential campaign --- not the candidate's hostess --- pay for parts of the party.

So the Hollywood elite had to rough it; money saved on victuals, after all, is money that can be spent on one last television ad the night before the Iowa caucuses.

-- Don Frederick