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BREAKING NEWS: Clinton collects a new Dem endorsement today

September 24, 2007 |  2:06 am

Hillary Clinton appeared prepared to pack up yet another major Democratic endorsement this morning. Last evening her campaign sent out a news alert that she would be receiving an endorsement at a Washington news conference at 1 P.M. Monday.

Late tonight the reported the endorsement would come from Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, who himself considered a run for the Democratic nomination but backed out in the face of massive preparations by others including Clinton. “The odds," he said at the time, "were always going to be very long for a relatively unknown candidate like myself, a little bit like David and Goliath.”

But Bayh's endorsement could help Clinton address the stubborn "electability factor," since he comes from a staunch Republican state that gave President Bush 60%  of its votes in 2004.

Bayh and Clinton both sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee and Bayh is a former chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, the extremely centrist political grouping that played such a major role in uniting Democrats behind Bill Clinton.

Now, columnists can add Bayh's name to the growing list of possible Democratic vice presidential candidates should Clinton win the nomination.

--Andrew Malcolm