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Setting the record, er, straight

August 10, 2007 | 10:01 am

If nothing else, YouTube has at least introduced new levels of irony and comedy into the 2008 presidential campaign, what with the girl singing of her love for Obama and other chuckle-inducing moments.

But it has also added a bit of uncertainty. For instance, is this “Gays for Giuliani” ad a true pro-Rudy piece or anti-Giuliani subterfuge -- a reminder to social conservatives about Mayor Giuliani before he became Candidate Giuliani? As points out, citing video maker Ryan Davis’ MySpace page, the ad is pretty subversive in the “we report, you decide” mold:

"I'm a gay New York City resident who lived here while Rudy was Mayor. I appreciated his support of my community when he was mayor and am shocked and offended by his flip-flopping on gay issues. I made this ad to remind Rudy who he was when he was mayor and to let Republican primary voters have some idea on the man they're voting for."

You decide.

-- Scott Martelle