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Hillary raises Oprah's Obama bash with a Magic party

August 12, 2007 |  5:04 pm

Celebrities dueling over politicians. Or politicians dueling with politicians via celebrities.

Either way it's a fun story. And here we go. Do you remember all the hubub a few weeks ago when talk show diva and black billionaire Oprah Winfrey announced her support for fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama and agreed to throw an exclusive fundraiser for him at her Santa Barbara area home on Sept. 8?

Well, Hillary Clinton's campaign will announce any minute now that Magic Johnson will host a fundraiser for her at HIS house six days later on Sept. 14. Co-hosts of the celebrity event will be musician Quincy Jones, a longtime supporter of both Clintons, Berry Gordy, the founder of the Motown music empire, and Clarence Avant, another longtime music industry executive who is also African American.

"Senator Hillary Clinton understands the domestic and international issues better than anyone," Johnson will say in the release. "and has the experience and knowledge to help lead our country and get us to a better place. We need a winner as our next president."

Clinton responded, "I am honored to have such Magical and fabulous support."

Gordy, Avant and Jones have similar glowing things to say. The event will be held at the home of Magic and Cookie Johnson.

And the nice thing for Hollywood's hard-pressed celebrities, being pressured to pick sides in this ongoing Democratic fray, is that the events are on different nights. So they can pay $2,300 apiece twice and will be unable to use a scheduling conflict as an excuse.

--Andrew Malcolm