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Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul

July 10, 2007 |  7:14 am

It is every blogger's dream to attract the largest audience possible. There are some tricks; we could, for instance, put the name of Paris Hilton in every headline.

Ronpaul Howard Mortman, the former producer of "Hardball" and former editor of The Hotline, was among the first to discover the online power of Ron Paulites, the fervent followers of Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas libertarian who is running for president this time as a Republican. These people apparently have nothing else to do but surf the Web planting praise for Ron Paul and righting wrongs against him.

So Mortman, who has also been a standup comedian, wrote a blog item consisting essentially of Ron Paul's name mentioned over and over. The result: his site got swarmed by Paulites.

So in the interest of boosting his online page views, Mortman has done it again. Only this time he's created a Top Ten List of why Ron Paul is not Libertarian enough.

We won't steal the whole list, but it is too good not to share.

No. 10: Ron Paul's passport was issued by the U.S. government.

No. 9: When the National Hurricane Center suggests Ron Paul take shelter, he does.

No. 6: Ron Paul accepts that Pluto is no longer a planet, but still says the other eight are.

No. 3: When the U.S. Postal service raises the price of a stamp, Ron Paul goes along.

No. 2: Ron Paul's Social Security number is not of his choosing.

Of course, Mortman got a whole lot of Ron Paul comments, almost all good-natured. Danny wrote, "That's hilarious. Maybe we Ron Paul supporters can just take a joke better than most." Chris wrote, "HaHa Glad you had fun with your RP spam experiment. What do you think of the recently announced fundraising numbers which put RP at #3 for cash in hand among GOP candidates?"

And Don added, "LOL. I enjoyed your list! Thank you for being civil to a candidate and his supporters."

So these Ron Paul folks sound like OK people. Maybe we'll see if any Ron Paul fans find this item.

--Andrew Malcolm

Photo: Rep. Ron Paul; Credit: U.S. Congress