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Bill Richardson and the West

July 15, 2007 |  2:35 am

Bill Richardson's detailed report on the roughly $7 million he raised for his Democratic presidential bid in April, May and June shows that he relied heavily on the West to amass that amount.

The Times Dan Morain has been studying the numbers and reports that the New Mexico governor raked in a combined $3 million from his home state, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Richardson's biggest source of money --- $1.37 million --- was from New Mexico, where he rules the roost politically. California ranked second; Golden State contributors funneled $850,000 into his coffers. Among those giving Richardson $2,300 donations (the maximum allowed by individuals for the primary campaign) were Los Angeles billionaire Eli Broad, Hollywood figures William Friedkin and Cindy Harrell Hornbill, and developer George Pla of Cordoba Corp.

Through the first half of 2007, Richardson has raised about $14 million. That may pale in comparsion to the totals for the two kingpins in the Democratic race --- Barack Obama's $58 million and Hillary Clinton's $53 million --- but it's been enough to pay for a flurry of Richardson television ads, mainly in Iowa, and helped fuel some upward movement in the polls for him.

-- Don Frederick