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The flap that won't die

June 28, 2007 |  4:50 pm

First, it was Ann Coulter who found herself under attack when Elizabeth Edwards called her live during the conservative commentator's appearance on MSNBC to suggest Coulter refrain from the hard-edged, personal ridicule she periodically heaps on John Edwards.

Elizabeth Now, Elizabeth Edwards is countering questions about her husband's presidential campaign drawing attention to Coulter's comments as a means of raising money. You can read about here.

Coulter, for her part, appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News tonight and insisted that many of her barbs had been taken out of context. "I am the illegal alien of commentary," she said, adding that she remains committed to doing "the jokes that no one else will do."

-- Don Frederick

Photo: Elizabeth Edwards; Credit: Sara Davis/Getty Images