Playoffs Are Coming , Go Bruins And Jim Mora
were hoping Craig Lee is durable , breaks tackles and clutch under pressure and always protects the football like Jonathan Franklin and they win a National Championship and all there Bowl Games .Dont be Afraid to Win is a Famous Saying Go Bruins all the way... .
Traditionally, Dorsey High football ALWAYS employs a powerful running attack. Dorsey has won City championships (1982 - 1989 - 1991 - 1995 - 2001) with a balanced offense and a rock solid defense. Passing teams generally dont win titles on a consistent basis, and they learn quickly when being ushered out of the playoffs.
Eric - I think thats great you took the Metro to JRS. i do the same.
Crenshaw is hitting its sure it will compete with Narbonne for a state berth.
dam i should of gone to the game seems like its going be a great ending. The one who has the ball last wins.
Go Gabe !!!!!!
Go Gabe !!!!!
Go Gabe !!!
Go Gabe !!!