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Your morning adorable: Cheetah cub makes his debut at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park

December 2, 2010 | 12:05 pm

Kiburi the Cheetah Cub

At the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park (known until quite recently as the Wild Animal Park), quite possibly the cutest thing going -- and that's saying a lot -- is a tiny cheetah cub named Kiburi.

More than 130 cheetahs have been born to date at the Safari Park, which is a participant in a conservation breeding program for the endangered species. Kiburi is the first cub to be born there to two hand-raised parents, mother Makena and father Quint. He's being hand-raised himself -- receiving a bottle of special formula every 2 1/2 hours around the clock -- after Makena failed to properly care for him.

Kiburi opened his eyes for the first time last week -- he's pictured shortly after that momentous event on Nov. 24 -- and since then has primarily occupied his time with eating and sleeping. See him doing just that in an alarmingly precious video after the jump!

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Ken Bohn / AFP/Getty Images

Video: San Diego Zoo via YouTube

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