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Your morning adorable: Baby mangabey monkey drinks from a bottle at Rome's Bioparco Zoo

December 1, 2010 | 12:08 pm


A baby white-naped mangabey monkey born in early November at Rome's Bioparco Zoo is a big deal for his species, which is among the world's most endangered primates.

The baby's mother, Ashante, failed to properly care for the baby (keepers instead found him clinging to Ashante's mother Jasmine, who lives in the same enclosure), so keepers have taken to caring for him themselves. They feed the little guy every four hours around the clock and report that he is gaining weight. When he's old enough, he'll be reintroduced to his family unit.

You wouldn't know it to look at him now, but when this baby is fully grown he'll have a tuft of fur growing out of each cheek and a white mane of sorts around his neck.

All species of mangabey, including the white-naped variety, are native to African rainforests, and all are endangered.

See additional photos and video of the Bioparco Zoo's new baby after the jump!



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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: M. Di Giovanni / Bioparco Zoo / Associated Press

Videos: Bioparco Zoo via YouTube

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