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Cats playing with virtual mice? There's an app for that

December 17, 2010 |  2:53 pm

An iPad app aimed at cats -- or, perhaps more accurately, aimed at lazy cat owners with iPads they don't mind sharing with their pets -- was recently released as a free download.

The app's creators bill it as "All the fun of your cat chasing a laser pointer without any of the work!" Now if they can just create cat-feeding and litter-box-cleaning apps, they'll be all set!

And Apple product fans, don't worry -- according to the owner of Iggy, the cat who became a YouTube star when a video of him playing with iPad apps went viral earlier this year, the tablet device's screen is tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic cat's claws.

You can download the app at iPadGameForCats.com. If your cat has a blast playing with the thing, let us know (or better yet, make a video and send it to us!).


-- Lindsay Barnett

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