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Video goodness: Cat plays hide-and-seek in a paper bag

October 28, 2010 |  3:50 pm

If there's one thing cats love arguably as much as cardboard boxes, it is bags.

Pookke, a 3-year-old Scottish fold cat who lives in Japan, seems to have proven that with the video above, in which he has a marvelous time playing hide-and-seek in a paper bag.

Fun fact: All Scottish fold kittens are born with straight (as in, not "folded") ears, and some cats' ears never fold down at all. Only "folded-ear" members of the breed are allowed to participate in purebred cat shows.

"Scottish Folds are hardy cats, much like their barnyard ancestors," according to the Cat Fanciers' Assn. "Their disposition matches their sweet expression. They have tiny voices and are not extremely vocal. They adore human companionship and display this in their own quiet way."

If you share our fascination with Pookke here, you're in luck: His owner maintains both a blog devoted to the cat and an extensive collection of YouTube videos documenting his daily activities.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: p00kke via YouTube

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