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Three strangely colored lobsters take up residence at Connecticut aquarium

October 11, 2010 | 11:18 am


NORWALK, Conn. — Connecticut's Maritime Aquarium is the new home to three exotic lobsters, a colorful trio sharing the same tank at the Norwalk center.

The crustaceans are normal size, but one is sky blue, another is pumpkin orange, and the third is a mottled yellow-and-black calico pattern.

The Maine-based Lobster Conservancy says perhaps one lobster in a million is blue, and both the orange and calico versions might be as rare as 1 in 30 million.

Lobsters' shells are usually blackish-green. Genetic abnormalities are usually the cause of oddly colored shells.

Fiona, rare yellow lobster, finds a home at a Canadian aquarium
Just what is the wonderpus octopus, anyway? (Besides a great band name, that is)

-- Associated Press

Photo: The three unusual lobsters on display at the aquarium on Sept. 28. Credit: Associated Press

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