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Caption this: Goat intruder chases German couple out of their own flat

August 20, 2010 |  4:44 pm


Sometimes we see a photo and immediately know it's going to become our desktop wallpaper.

This goat's photo is one of those.

Apparently, he turned up mysteriously in a German couple's flat while it was being renovated.

The couple returned home to check on the place and discovered, much to their surprise, an angry goat that chased them out of what he clearly viewed as his own private bachelor pad.

Police investigated and later said they could neither account for the goat's presence in the apartment or point of origin. No one had reported a missing goat in the area, so a local farmer stepped up and took him home.

Now we know the story -- but we still need a photo caption. (We're sure our clever readers can do better than the U.K.'s Daily Express, which gave their story the unfortunate headline "BILLY GOAT GETS GRUFF.")

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

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