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Your morning adorable: Two cuddly rabbits, one collective 'awwww'

July 19, 2010 | 11:55 am

We are hard-pressed to think of a phrase to describe the above video that doesn't include the word "mesmerizing."

To paraphrase a certain well-known commercial: Double your rabbits, double your fun, right?

We think these two bunnies are the cutest thing going. One rabbit lovingly cleaning another is a cute slam-dunk on its own; add in another rabbit yawning and stretching, and this video enters the cute stratosphere. 

We plan to start watching these bunnies on a loop whenever we're feeling a bit down.

Your morning adorable: Rabbit and cat nap together
Your morning adorable: Rabbit shares its carrot with puppy

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: de1evo via YouTube

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